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Baxendale, George Edward

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1887
Place of birth Goodwood, SA
Principal occupation Veterinary Surgeon
Date of death 1974
Place of decease McLaren Vale, SA

George Edward Baxendale was born in July 1887 at Goodwood SA, son of John Edward Baxendale and Hepzibah Hitchin.

In 1914 George Baxendale married Agnes Emma Goldie, born in England about 1883, daughter of James Goldie. Agnes was a nurse at the Royal Adelaide Hospital – she had come with a friend from England in 1912 to work for a year at the hospital. It was to be over 50 years before she returned to her birthplace!

George and Agnes Baxendale moved from Goodwood and bought an 80 acre scrub block on McMurtrie Road, McLaren Vale, adjacent to the original Wirra Wirra vineyards.

George was a very well respected veterinary surgeon who practiced in the southern area for over 30 years. His son Alec Baxendale remembers: “My father was George Edward Baxendale. He came from the Goodwood area, and he studied and became a veterinary surgeon. He was the first actual surgeon in this area. There were other practitioners but he was a surgeon. And he covered a wide area from O’Halloran Hill down to Yankalilla in those days, and a lot of it was traveled in a horse and sulky. But he couldn’t have struck a worse time really because it was during the Depression and people couldn’t afford to have anything much done to animals. But he was a great lover of animals and he was very well respected.”

Times were tough, but there was a good deal of give and take. For example when George sent a very small bill to Amery vineyards for attending to their horses, the Kay brothers wrote back to him, ‘the account (returned herewith) that you sent us is absurd for the number of visits that you had to pay. The cheque enclosed is certainly the least we can send you and retain any sense of honesty!’

While working as a veterinarian, George also ran a few cows, plus horses for vineyard work, and grew currants on his property on McMurtrie Road. In February 1953 George was able to contribute £2.2.3d to an English Flood Relief Fund. George served as the honorary Veterinary Surgeon for the local Agricultural Show in the 1960s.

George and Agnes had a son Alec [Alic] Goldie Baxendale, born in 1921.

George Baxendale died in July 1974, aged 86 years. His wife Agnes Baxendale died in January 1975, aged 92 years. Both are buried at the Strout Cemetery, Willunga.


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George Edward Baxendale, 1919
George Edward Baxendale, 1919
George and Agnes Baxendale,  Christmas 1961
George and Agnes Baxendale, Christmas 1961

Memories of Baxendale, George Edward

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