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Butterworth, Bramley

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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1837
Place of birth Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England
Date of arrival 1840
Principal occupation Miller
Date of death 1909
Place of decease Victoria Ward of the Adelaide Hospital

Bramley Butterworth was born on 29 July 1837 at Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England. He was the fifth son of Joseph Butterworth and Alice (née Broadbent). He was Church of England, Presbyterian and Baptist. Bramley arrived in South Australia with his parents as a two year old on 9 March 1840 aboard Baboo from Liverpool, England.

Aged 21 years, Bramley married his first wife, 19 year old Sarah McCallum (1839-1890), at the Free Presbyterian Church, White’s Valley, on 19 August 1858. Sarah was the daughter of Archibald McCallum (1809-1893) and Ann McLean (1814-1886). They had no children and Sarah died, aged just 51 years, on 10 May 1890 at Aberdeen, Burra. Aged 54, Bramley married his second wife, 42 year old Jean (Jane?) McCallum (1849-1940), at the Baptist Church, North Adelaide on 2 December 1891. Jean was his first wife's younger sister. They had no children.

In September 1858, Bramley (21) and his brother William (17) were commended by the coroner for their efforts to rescue William Ramage and to retrieve the bodies of Daniel Stamps and Joseph Coleman after a boat capsized near the jetty at Port Willunga. Bramley was active in the community throughout his life and was elected as a councillor for the Aldinga District Council in 1864 and, in 1866, he was the Chairman of the Aldinga District Council. He was appointed a Justice of the Peace in August 1878 and resigned this position in 1885.

Bramley worked as a flour miller at Aldinga, Clare and Burra. In 1862, he and his brother-in-law Samuel Shore were operating together as millers and corn-factors at Aldinga. Bramley paid rates on half an acre and a house on section 240, owned by his father Joseph, from 1867 until 1879. His younger brother, Brant, may have lived in this house as well or in another house on the adjoining land. After his father Joseph’s death in 1875, Bramley and Brant jointly inherited section 240, including the Butterworth flour-mill. which they held until at least 1880. In January 1880, Bramley and Brant, trading as B. & B. Butterworth millers of Aldinga, dissolved their partnership by mutual consent and the company underwent assignment.

For some years, Bramley moved back and forth between Aldinga and the mid-North working as a flour miller at Clare and then Burra. In March 1874, for example, he was foreman of the jury at an inquest into the death of Mrs. Amelia Mary Martin at Aldinga and in September 1877 he gave evidence into an accidental death at Burra. In April 1877, he had been appointed to be a member of the Board of Management at the Burra Hospital and, by December 1877, a farewell dinner was held for him at the White Hart Hotel in Burra “on his leaving the district”. In June 1878, he was vice-chair at a dinner given for Mr. William Goode, J.P. at the Aldinga Hotel. Nevertheless, by 1893 he had returned to Burra and was the manager of Messrs. Butterworth & Co.'s flourmill at Aberdeen. In 1902 and again 1907, he was an auditor for the Yatala South District Council.

Bramley Butterworth also inherited several lots - each half an acre - in section 391 at Port Willunga. Butterworth’s Store and a house occupied these lots respectively with Mrs. Sarah Hounsell 1878-1888 and Bramley's widowed mother, Mrs. J. Butterworth 1879-1888, as residents.

Bramley died, aged 72 years, on 28 January 1909 in the Victoria Ward of the Adelaide Hospital.


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