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Crafter, Richard

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1823
Date of arrival 1853
Principal occupation Pound-keeper and Chemist.
Date of death 1910
Place of decease Thebarton, South Australia.

Richard Crafter was born in Jan 1823 at Gravesend, Kent, England. He was the oldest son of John Crafter (1788-1869) and his second wife Ann Edmed (1796-1832). In 1841, aged 18 years, Richard was living in Chatham, Kent and was described as a Chemist apprentice. By 1851 he had married, was living at Alverstoke in Hampshire and was working for the Portsmouth Division of the Royal Marines (at Forton Barracks in Gosport) where he was described as a Chemist and Druggist. Religion – Wesleyan Methodist.

Richard Crafter had married Anne Frances Swan (1823-1874) on 8 Sept 1844 at Finsbury, Middlesex, England. They eventually had eight children:

Anne Frances (1845-1930) b. at Chatham, m. Thomas Paul Richards (1842-1915) on 13 Feb 1867 at Wallanippie, SA, d. at Thebarton, SA

Harriet Charlotte Elizabeth (1847-1930) b. at Chatham, m. Robert William Stokes (1850-1891) on 28 April 1872 at Thebarton, SA, d. at Adelaide, SA

Rosa Madeline (1849-1914) b. at Maidstone, Kent, m. Henry Edward Lea (1852-1883) on 15 Dec 1871 at Adelaide, d. at Thebarton, SA

Richard James (1852-1927) b. at Portsea, Hampshire, m. Lucy Louisa Collins (1856-1928) on 7 May 1875 at the Wesleyan Parsonage in Pirie Street, Adelaide, d. at Adelaide, SA

Frederick Edmed (1854-1929) b. at Adelaide, m. Kate May Ann Stokes (1855-1918) at the residence of Mr. Stokes, Thebarton on 4 July 1875,

Charles Henry (1857-1923) b. at Willunga, m. Elizabeth Richards (1860-1923) at Adelaide on 24 June 1878, d. at Thebarton, SA

Evalina (1859-1837) b. at Willunga, m. Henry Graham Montgomery (1852-1931) at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Yarcowie in 1880, d. at Adelaide, SA.

Frank (1869-1937) b. at Thebarton, SA, d. at Adelaide, SA.

Richard (30), Anne (30) and their four oldest children Anne (9), Harriet (6), Rosa (4) and Richard junior (1) arrived South Australia from Southampton aboard the Southampton Emigration Company’s ship Gypsy on 15 Aug 1853. They would have another four children born in South Australia. The youngest (Frank) was born 10 years after Evalina when his “mother” was 46 years old and it is possible that he was actually the son of either Harriet (22) or Rose (20) before they married in 1872 and 1871 respectively.

Richard Crafter was probably resident in Mount Barker by 1854 when “Brother” Crafter is listed as a steward of the Loyal Britannia Lodge of the Oddfellows in Mount Barker and in 1855 he was an auditor for the Mount Barker Mechanic’s Institute. By 1857 Richard Crafter and his family had moved to Willunga and built the house and shop at 19 Aldinga Road, which was then known as Church Street. In 1858 he paid rates for land in the Willunga township. The house originally had a slate roof, since replaced with corrugated iron. It was built of stone with brick quoining with alterations and enlargements being made in the 1880s.

Richard and Anne Crafter had two children born at Willunga – Charles Henry in 1857 and Evalina in 1859. Richard was the Pound-keeper for Willunga (1862-64), the town's first chemist and Secretary of the Oddfellows Lodge (in 1863) before moving to North Adelaide around 1864.

Anne Crafter (nee Swan), aged 51 years, died on 2 June 1874 and Richard Crafter, aged 87 years, died on 15 Aug 1910 both at Thebarton. SA. He was buried in West Terrace Cemetery.


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