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Dawe family

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Family

Place of birth Devon, England.
Date of arrival 1840
Principal occupation Quarrymen and land owners.

Sampson Dawe and his cousin William together with their wives were a pioneer family who arrived in Willunga and the surrounding district in 1840 and they were joined by Sampson’s brother Henry in 1848.

Six members of the Dawe family left Gravesend on 5 March 1840 and arrived on 17 June 1840 on board the 453-ton barque Charles Kerr, Captain Arnold, from London, Gravesend, and Deal to Port Adelaide. They were agricultural labourers from Tamerton near Plymouth in Devon, England. Sampson Dawe (26) together with his wife Jane (23) and their infant daughter Elizabeth (7 weeks), and his cousin William Dawe (25) with his wife Mary Anne (21) and their infant son William Henry (8 months) were all on board the ship.

Sampson and Jane (nee Gregory) Dawe had five children (two sons and three daughters). Sampson Dawe died in 1879 and Jane died on 22 March 1882. Both are buried in St. Stephen’s Anglican cemetery near Willunga.

William and Mary Anne (nee Gregory) Dawe had six children (5 sons and a daughter). William died in a buggy accident in 1850 and he is buried in the St. Stephen’s Anglican cemetery in Willunga.

In 1848, the cousins were joined by Sampson’s brother Henry Dawe who arrived on 14 Nov 1848 on board Bussorah Merchant from London. Within a year, on 22 March 1849 at Willunga, Henry had married Sarah Elizabeth Gregory, aged 29 years, who had also travelled to Adelaide on the same voyage of Bussorah Merchant in 1848. On Saturday 17 Nov 1849 Henry Dawe, aged just 33 died “by the visitation of God”. Their only child Henry (1850-1888) was born after his father died.

Memories of Dawe family

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