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Death of the landlord of the Bush Inn in 1849

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of event Accident

Town or locality Willunga
Date occurred or began November 17, 1849

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On Saturday 17 Nov 1849 Henry Dawe, aged 33, the respected landlord of the "Bush Inn", died near his residence at Willunga. He had accompanied a man named Campbell to fetch firewood at a spot distant about four hundred yards from the inn, and was apparently in good health up to the moment when Campbell left him to return to the house. Soon after, Mr. Dawe was found by Mr. McCoy of the Mounted Police, lying on his face, and quite dead. His brother, Mr. Sampson Dawe, and others, were soon on the spot, and removed the body to the "Bush Inn". An inquest was held before the Coroner, W. Wyatt, Esq., on 19 Nov. There were no marks of violence nor anything to indicate other than that death had ensued from natural causes, and the jury returned a verdict of "Died by the visitation of God." Henry was buried at St. Stephen’s Anglican Cemetery in Willunga.


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