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Died by the "visitation of God".

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of event Accident

Town or locality near Willunga

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'LOCAL INTELLIGENCE' On Sunday afternoon last, a labourer, named Tidcombe, called at the Bush Inn, Willunga, and during his stay there drank several glasses of rum, for which he paid, and went away. He did not seem much intoxicated at the time, but was noticed to look very pale. His body was found at about 10 o'clock the following morning, scarcely out of the sight of the township. There were no marks of violence but a contusion on the side of the face, apparently produced by his fall. A Coroner's Inquest was held on the body on Thursday, verdict, "Died by the visitation of God." The ill-fated man has left a widow and four infant children, two of whom were born the morning of the inquest. Adelaide Observer 16 July 1843:5

Henry Titcombe (his family name was variously spelled Tidcombe, Titcomb, Tidcomb, Titcumbe) was born c July 1818. He married Elizabeth Chandler. They arrived in South Australia aboard Lysander in 1839. Henry lived in Bowden and was a bricklayer and labourer. He was Church of England.

Henry and Elizabeth had more than three children but three are known:

  • Eliza Hannah (1835- ) was born in Perranworthal, Cornwall and married her fist husband, James Steer (1827-1857), aged 27 years, on 23 May 1854 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Clarendon. James died, aged 30 years. Eliza's second husband was George Chase
  • William Lysander was born in 1839 and lived beyond 1929. Aged 22 years, he married Mary Ann Peddler (or Pedler), aged 23 years, on 12 February 1864 at the Bible Christian Chapel, Clarendon.
  • Esther was born in 1843 and died at 7 in 1850.

Henry Titcombe died, aged 25 years, on Sunday 9 July 1843 “by the visitation of God”.


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