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Hawthorne House 18 Main Road

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Address: 18 Main Rd
Town or Locality: Willunga
Year constructed: c. 
The date "1850s" was not understood.
Used for: Residence
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This large bluestone home was owned in the 1850s by Dr. James Sutherland Mackintosh, one of Willunga’s early doctors.

Later it was the home of Thomas Dawson, manager of the nearby flour mill. His son Peter Dawson, a famous singer, was born in 1882, after the family left Willunga.

The Webb family of the Alma Hotel lived here for a short time, followed by Octavius Dyer and his wife, owners for nearly forty years.

The house was named ‘Hawthorne’ and for many years had a hawthorn hedge along its street frontage.

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Hawthorne House, 18 MainRoad, sketch
Hawthorne House, 18 MainRoad, sketch
Bluestone House, 18 Main Road
Bluestone House, 18 Main Road

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