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Hoban, Daniel

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth c. 1833
Place of birth Kilkenny, Ireland
Date of arrival 1856
Principal occupation Labourer
Date of death 1879
Place of decease Aldinga

Daniel Hoban (also spelled Hobern) was born in Kilkenny, Ireland in about 1833. He was the son of Patrick Hoban and the younger brother of Michael Hoban (1826-1860). Daniel was an agricultural laborer who arrived in South Australia, aged about 23 years, aboard Lord Hungerford on 27 Nov 1856. Daniel Hoban, aged about 24 years, married Mary (née Cantwell) (1833-1898), aged 24 years, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Willunga on 19 Nov 1857. She was the daughter of John Cantwell and the younger sister of Patrick Cantwell (1819-1881) and James Cantwell (1825-1905). She had arrived in South Australia aboard Europa on 14 May 1855 (the same ship as Michael Hoban and his wife Mary Ann). Daniel and Mary had seven children (six sons and a daughter):

Patrick (1858- ) b. at Aldinga,

John (1859- ) b. at Aldinga, John Hoban went to Bourke, NSW.

Margaret (1861- ) b. at Aldinga,

Michael (1862-1894) b. at Aldinga, m. Mary Ann Gaffney (1864- ), aged 21 years, at St Josephs Church, Willunga on 3 March 1886, they had five daughters (Maud – 1888, Daphne Ophelia - 1889), they lived at Aldinga (1886-1889) and by 1893 at Port Pirie, d. aged 31 years, at Port Pirie, SA.

Daniel (1864- ) b. at Aldinga, Daniel junior also worked as a contractor in Aldinga in the late 1890s, by 1907 he had moved to Carbine, WA.

James (1865-1867) b. & d. at Aldinga, died as a child,

Thomas Alfred (1867- ) b. at Aldinga,

Daniel Hoban worked as a labourer who entered the Annual Willunga Ploughing Match in 1857 as a ploughman and in 1858 and 1859 as a ploughman with a horse team for owner Duncan Stewart. He was described as a contractor in the SA Directories (Aldinga) in 1868-9. He worked on the roads for the Aldinga Council in 1869 and he became insolvent in 1871.

Daniel Hoban was resident in Adey Road before 1867. Between 1875 and 1879 Daniel Hoban, and after his death in 1879 until at least 1888 his widow Mary, paid rates on part of section 401, described variously as 1/3 or ½ acre with a house, in “the village of Aldinga” (later Aldinga East). John Willoughby was described as the occupier from 1885-1887.

Daniel Hoban died at Aldinga on 18 May 1879, aged 44 years. He is buried in St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Willunga and has a slate head-stone carved by John Richards junior. Mary Hoban (née Cantwell), aged 70 years, died on 10 March 1898 at Aldinga and she is buried in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Cemetery, Willunga.


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