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Hodges, Younge Willis (Constable)

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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1815
Place of birth Maidstone, Kent
Principal occupation Constable, Surveyer, Harbour Master
Date of death 1895
Place of decease Moonta Bay

Younge Willis Hodges was born in England, probably in Maidstone, Kent. He was baptised on June 19, 1815. His parents were Richard Thomas and Christiana Hodges. Richard Hodges was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Younge married Emily Rebecca Hill Smith on December 10, 1840 at the Holy Trinity Church, Middlesex, England. It is unknown when they journeyed to South Australia.

Younge joined the police force on August 1, 1850. Younge served at Willunga from around early 1851 to possibly early 1852. It is likely that he replaced Constable Edward Moore and then was restationed when the Government removed Willunga’s police presence because of sourcing difficulties. Although Younge was stationed at Willunga, his wife occupied a house in Hindley Street, Adelaide with “a girl”, who could have been their daughter, but was more likely a female servant. In the “Mounted Constable Conduct Book, Younge Willes Hodges is described as “A Steady, Active, intelligent Officer, attentive to his duties and trustworthy, has not appeared in the Defaulters book.”

After resigning from the Mounted Police, Younge lived in Glenelg where he worked at a surveyor. In documents of the time, Younge is described as “gentleman”. He and his wife then moved to Moonta where he became the Harbour Master.

Younge died at the age of 80 at his home in Moonta Bay on 21 September, 1895. His wife, Emily, died about five weeks later.

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