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How, William Crosby

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1828
Place of birth Brentwood, Essex, England
Date of arrival 1855
Principal occupation publican, mason and bricklayer
Date of death 1864
Place of decease Port Willunga

William Crosby How was born on 27 April 1828 in Brentwood, Essex, England. He was the son of James How (1801-1876), butcher of Brentwood, and Mary Skingley (1803-1873). Occasionally the surname was spelled as Howe.

William married Jane (nee Gregg or Guy) (1832-1917) in April 1852 in Billericay, Essex, England. They had six children:

  • Henry William (1852-1904) was born at Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, England, and married Fanny Brooks (1853-1921) on 9 April 1873 at St Stephens Church in Willunga. They had 11 children. Henry died at Aldinga.
  • Amelia Mary (1854-1874) was born in England. She married Thomas Martin junior (1841-1916) on 3 April 1873 and they had one son. Amelia died, aged just 20 years, at Aldinga.
  • James George (1856-1865) was born at Port Willunga and died at Yattalunga, aged just 9 years.
  • Ellen Jane (1859-1864) was born and died at Aldinga, aged 5 years.
  • Ernest Thomas (1863-1942) was born at Port Willunga. He married Louisa Emily Mumford (1864-1936) on 20 July 1886 at Aldinga and they had four children. Ernest was a mason and paid rates on half an acre with a house in section 400 at Aldinga (1886-1888). He died in Perth, WA.
  • Lavinia (1865-1920) was born at Aldinga. She married John Henry Scudds (1852-1945) in 1888 at the residence of Joseph Hayward, Adelaide, and they had three children. They moved to Beverley, WA, before 1910 and Lavinia died there.

William Crosby How (27), his wife Jane (23) and their two oldest children, Henry William (3) and Amelia Mary (2), arrived in South Australia aboard Mallard on 25 April 1855.

William Crosby How was a publican, mason and bricklayer who was resident at Port Willunga by 1856. His application for a license for the Lewis Arms Hotel in section 391 in Port Willunga was refused at the Annual Licensing day in March 1864. William died, aged 36 years, at Aldinga on 13 December 1864.

In March 1865, William's widow, Jane, applied for and was granted the license for the Lewis Arms Hotel and this was renewed every year until 1873. She also paid rates on a house in section 396 at Port Willunga from 1870 until 1873.

Jane remarried, aged 41 years, to George South (1825-1887) on 8 July 1873 at St Stephens parsonage, Willunga. In December 1873, the license for the Lewis Arms was transferred from her to T Hooper. She died, aged 85 years, on 19 August 1917 in Pingelly, WA where she had been living with her youngest daughter, Lavinia.


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