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Jackson, William

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1799
Place of birth Shoreditch, London, England
Date of arrival 1849
Principal occupation Farmer
Date of death 1859
Place of decease Willunga

William Jackson was born on 21 July 1799 at Shoreditch, London, England. He was the son of John Jackson (1777-1859) and Elizabeth Fewtrell (1780-1838).

William Jackson, aged 33 years, married Jane (née Phillipson) (1808-1891), aged 22 years, on 26 June 1832 at the parish of St Andrew’s, Holborn, Middlesex, England. They had eleven children:

  • Thomas Dennis (1835-1888) was born in England. He married Alice Lewsey (1854-1949) on 30 June 1873 and they had six children. He was a storekeeper and gold-mine manager at the Westward Ho mine, where he died.
  • John Phillipson (1836-1886) was born at Holborn, Middlesex, England. He married Ellen Orchard (1857-1919) on 7 February 1876 and they had six children. John was a licensed victualler, livery stable owner, mail contractor and coach driver at Yarcowie and Appila. He died at Clare, SA.
  • Robert (1837-1838) was born and died at Marylebone, Middlesex, England.
  • Jane Anne (1840-1898) was born at Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England. She married John Henry Rowe on 8 December 1864 at the residence of Mr Jackson at Willunga. They had four children. Jane died at Willunga.
  • Charles (1842-1907) was born at Marylebone, Middlesex, England and married Elizabeth Ann Binney (1845-1930) on 13 December 1873. He was a farmer at McLaren Vale and died at Wandearah, SA.
  • Joseph (1844-1885) was born at Marylebone, Middlesex, England. He married Catherine Francis Edkins (1852-1938) in about 1870 and they had nine children. He was a contractor at Wellington East and died at Milparinka, NSW.
  • Agnes (1845-1917) was born at St Pancras, London, England. She married Thomas Strout (1845-1913) at St Stephen’s Church, Willunga on 5 September 1867 and they had four children. Thomas was a farmer at Willunga and McLaren Vale. Agnes died at Wagga Wagga, NSW.
  • Elizabeth (1846-1846) was born and died at Marylebone, Middlesex, England.
  • George (1848-1883) was born in England and married Elizabeth Lewsey (1851-1947) on 24 August 1883 at the residence of Mrs Rowe at McLaren Vale. They had four children. George was a storekeeper at Winninie and, later, Hawker. He died at Hawker.
  • Sarah (1850-1933) was born at Noarlunga. She married John Barwick Porter (1841-1880) at Willunga on 24 August 1875 and they had three children. She died at Willunga and is buried in Willunga.
  • Isabella Elizabeth (1851-1889) was born at Noarlunga and married Henry (Harry) Rowe (1847-1913) on 10 July 1872 at Kadina, SA. He was a teamster at Kadina. Isabella died at Wallaroo, SA.

William was originally a watchmaker and jeweller in London, England. William, aged 50 years, and Jane Jackson and seven of their children (two had died as infants and two more would be born in the colony) arrived in South Australia from London and Plymouth aboard Navarino on November 5, 1849. They spent two years or so at Noarlunga and then he became a farmer near Willunga on sections 528 (69 acres) and 529 ((70 acres and a house) and, later, sections 548 (39 acres) and 550 (100 acres). These four sections were located on Jackson Hill Road near Willunga. The family called their property “The Grange”. After William’s early death in 1859, his widow kept on the farm with the help on her two elder sons, Thomas and John, and later her younger sons, George and Charles. Charles took over the land after his marriage to Elizabeth Binney in 1873.

William Jackson, aged 61 years, died on 14 October 1859 and is buried in St Stephen’s Anglican Cemetery at Willunga. His widow Jane, aged 82 years, died on 19 November 1891.


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