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Kitts, William James

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1830
Place of birth Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
Date of arrival c. 1858
Principal occupation Labourer
Date of death 1887
Place of decease Aldinga, SA

William James Kitts was born on 6 February 1830 in Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England. His parents were Edward Kitts (1816-1896) and Anne Lyons (1816-1884). He arrived in South Australia before 1858.

William, aged 28 years, married Caroline Ball, aged 18 years, (1840-1915) on 20 December 1858 at the residence of John Henry Ball of Aldinga, two days after the birth of their first child, Mary Ann. They had ten children, who were all born at Aldinga:

  • Mary Ann (1858-1937) was born at Aldinga and married (1st) Joseph Denton, (2nd) James Watts. She died at Kent Town.
  • Caroline (1861-1886) was born at Aldinga and married John Peter Button (1858-1942) at Aldinga on 25 December 1880. She died, aged 24 years, at Noarlunga.
  • Emma (1863-1906) was born at Aldinga and married James Eckersley (1849-1921) on 13 July 1882 at the residence of the Kitts family, Aldinga. She died, aged 43 years, at Port Pirie.
  • William James (1865-1923) was born at Aldinga and married Amy Melinda Wallis (1868-1932) on 25 March 1908 at the residence of Mrs Wallis, St. Kilda, SA. He died at St Kilda, SA.
  • Hannah (1867–1939) was born at Aldinga and married John William Highet (1872-1943) at the Baptist Church, Aldinga on 14 August 1895. They had nine children. She died at Brighton, SA.
  • Elizabeth May (1870-1909) was born at Aldinga and married James Wallace Duncan (1866-1936) on 29 December 1897. They had three children. She died, aged 39 years, at Port Pirie, SA.
  • Jemima (1872-1938) was born at Aldinga. She was single and died at St Peters, SA.
  • Margaret (1875-1937) was born at Aldinga and married Walter Gordon (1871-1940) on 12 October 1898 at Aldinga. They married at Southwark, SA and had five children.
  • Ethel Maud (1879-1968) was born at Aldinga and married Thomas James Kennedy (1887-1948) on 28 May 1914 at Aldinga. They had four children. Ethel died at Healesville, Victoria.
  • Rose (1880-1949) was born at Aldinga and married Thomas Jasper (1887-1957) on 15 July 1910 at Port Pirie. They had eight children. Rose died at Port Pirie, SA.

William Kitts lived in Aldinga from 1858 until his death, nearly 30 years later, in 1887. He was described as a farm laborer in the 1884 Electoral Roll for the House of Assembly for the district of Aldinga.

Possibly from as early as 1858, the cottage at 40 Adey Road in Aldinga was home to William and Caroline Kitts and their growing family. The land where the cottage is located was owned by Lewis Fidge until 1867, when he sold it to Patrick Cantwell and a series of other owners, through into the twentieth century. The Kitts family only ever rented or leased the cottage, possibly until Caroline Kitts’ death in 1915, as Mrs. W. Kitts is still listed as a resident of the area in The South Australian Directory for 1890 to 1909.

William Kitts, aged 57 years, died on 2 November 1887 and his wife Caroline, aged 78, died on 16 July 1915, both at Aldinga. William, his wife Caroline and his daughter Caroline Button (nee Kitts) are all buried in St. Ann’s Anglican Church Cemetery at Aldinga.


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