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Maloney, Winifred

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1836
Place of birth Unknown
Date of arrival c. 1853
Principal occupation Unknown
Date of departure c. 1885
Date of death 1901
Place of decease Saltram Place, Adelaide

Mrs Winfred Maloney (c1836-01/07/1901) appears to have arrived in the colony in approximately 1853 and she was resident in Willunga for more than 25 years (1858-1885). She first appears in the newspaper records in August 1858 when she was admitted for three months to the Destitute Asylum in Adelaide and where she had a child, having been deserted by her husband James. Winifred Maloney had at least two children as, in 1858, she was described as having ”two children, one an infant, lately born in the Asylum” and in 1867 she had a son named “Robert Blac(k)hall”.

Once she left the Destitute Asylum in late 1858, she moved to Willunga and regular applications were made for her until 1865 by either the Willunga District Chairman (Mr. Smith Kell and later Mr. Atkinson) or the Willunga District Clerk for Outdoor relief (or Destitute Board rations). In January 1862, Winifred Maloney brought a case for desertion against James Maloney to the Willunga Court and a warrant was issued, but the “defendant (was) not to be found in the colony”. The Destitute Board tried to get James Maloney to take financial responsibility for his wife but, according to comments in the South Australian Register, “he had, it appeared, just completed a term of imprisonment for a like offence, (failing to provide for his wife) and had again absconded immediately on his liberation”.

By the mid to late 1860s, Winifred Maloney’s situation appeared to improve slightly. She may have moved into a cottage on Lot 84 (44 High Street) in about 1866. In 1867 a court case in the Willunga court confirmed that she lived in a house in the main street of Willunga (High Street) when the South Australian Register reported that “Robert Blac(k)hall, the infant son of Winifred Maloney, was in the main street opposite defendant's house, when a large Newfoundland dog rushed at him and bit him in several places and greatly frightened the boy.” Some years later in 1874 “Blackhall” played for the Willunga football team. By 1869, according to the District Council of Willunga Rate Book, she was paying rates on a house and allotment (Lot 84) and in 1876 Winifred Maloney purchased Lot 84 (44 High Street).

The Express and Telegraph in June 1880 recorded that, at the Police Court in Adelaide, James Moloney was charged by Winifred Maloney, his wife, with leaving her without adequate means of support. An order was made for the payment of £1 weekly. On 27 Oct 1885, Mrs Winifred Maloney sold Lot 84 to John Atkinson (South Australian Certificate of Title folio 232 page 176).

Winifred Maloney, aged 65 years, of Saltram Place, Adelaide died of “senility” on I June 1901 and she was buried in the Catholic Cemetery at West Terrace. She was remembered in a newspaper “in memorium” entry in 1904 by the two grand-daughters Winifride and Florence (daughters of Robert Blackhall).


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