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Mulheran, Andrew (Constable)

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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1820
Place of birth Unknown
Date of arrival
The date "Unknown" was not understood.
Principal occupation Mounted Constable
Date of departure 1850
Date of death
The date "Unknown" was not understood.
Place of decease Unknown

Little is known about Andrew Mulheran. He first appears in the SA Government Gazette of May 1 1845, appointed as a Constable in the Mounted Police Force. His record of appointment shows that he was born in 1820. He was stationed at Mt Barker in May 1846. A month later, he was wounded by a spear wielded by an Aboriginal man called Mantyeuldi, alias Bob, when investigating a report of theft by Aboriginal people from a hut near the Bremer River. Upon finding the suspects, the police searched their camp and found the stolen property. The Aboriginal men ran away, with Constable Mulheran and Corporal Rose in hot pursuit. When grappling with each other, Mantyeuldi stabbed Mulheran several times with his spear. Mantyeuldi was charged with feloniously assaulting with intent to murder Andrew Mulheran and William Rose. During the Supreme Court trial, however, it appeared that Mulheran may not have made known to Mantyeuldi that they were about to apprehend him for theft. Judge Cooper left it to the jury to decide whether Mulhand acted lawfully in the execution of his duty. The jury found Mantyeuldi Not Guilty.

It appears that Mulheran was transferred to Willunga in the quarter ended September 30 1847, as there were two police listed in the Police Commissioners quarterly report. In the previous quarter there were none. Unfortunately, he seems to have suffered an accident in December 1847. In January 1848, Mulheran was directed by Police Commissioner Dashwood to return to Head Quarters in Adelaide to see the Colonial Surgeon.

It is unclear where Mulheran was stationed next but it is likely to have been Adelaide Head Quarters. In November 1849, Mulheran was brought before the Police Court charged with being drunk on duty at Hornsby’s public house, losing an important document entrusted to him, and allowing a prisoner to escape. This important document was a cheque for £9. The magistrate also noted that Mulheran had been at least half a dozen times in the Defaulters’ book. Mulheran was sent to gaol for a month and had to forfeit his pay. He was also discharged from the Police Force.

Only a couple of months later, Mulheran was again featured in the Court reports, this time because he accused Mr J. Colton of finding share scrips that Mulheran had lost and selling them. He lost the case, and almost immediately shipped out to California on the barque, Robert Henderson. Unfortunately the ship ran aground on the Farallones Rocks at San Francisco. As a joint stock company of gold diggers hired the vessel to sail to the USA, it is likely that Mulheran was going to California to try his luck at prospecting.

There is no evidence found that indicates he ever returned to South Australia.

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