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Post Office 4 High Street

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Address: 4 High St
Town or Locality: Willunga
Year constructed: 1916
Used for: Post Office
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The red brick Post Office was built to handle increased telephone traffic and the business upsurge following the opening of the railway in 1915. It was opened on 2nd August 1915.

Mail from Adelaide to Willunga came daily by train, arriving several hours earlier than by the previous mail coach. The building superseded the Post Office and Telegraph Station at the top of High Street.

In 1949, a postal delivery service commenced to houses in the township with Max Allard appointed as the first postman. Lloyd Hailstone delivered mail by contract from the Post Office to outlying areas such as Dingabledinga, beyond Willunga Hill.


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Mail coach at Willunga Post Office, 1915.
Mail coach at Willunga Post Office, 1915.
Post Office, Willunga, 1915.
Post Office, Willunga, 1915.
Post Office, Willunga, 2013
Post Office, Willunga, 2013

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