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Reed, Frederick Murray

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1863
Place of birth Willunga
Principal occupation Quarryman
Date of death 1922
Place of decease Willunga

Frederick Murray Reed was born on 16 November 1863 at Willunga. He was the fourth son of William Reed junior (1823-1901) and Eliza Prout (1826-1906).

Frederick Reed married Catherine Sibly (1863-1934) on 1 January 1889 at the residence of Simon Libby Sibly at Willunga. They had six children:

  • unnamed (1889-1889) born and died at Willunga
  • Ivy Ruth (1891-1954) was born at Willunga and married John Richard Norman (1880-1967), She died in South Australia.
  • Clifton Murray (1893-1894) was born and died at Willunga.
  • Violet Elsie Rachel (1896-1947) was born at Willunga. She married Robert Oliver Stevens (1893-1982) on 11 December 1917 at Willunga and they had two sons. She died and is buried at Stathalbyn.
  • William Leonard (1899-1981) was born at Willunga. He married Edith Mabel Cox (1863-1934) on 9 January 1932 at the Aldinga Methodist Church and they had four sons. William was a labourer. He died at Willunga and is buried in the Willunga Wesleyan Methodist (Uniting) Church Cemetery.
  • Murray Clifford (1904-1984) was born at Willunga. He married Louisa Dorothy Holly (1899-1977) on 29 October 1927 at Adelaide and they had three children. Murray was a quarryman/labourer. He died at Willunga and is buried in the Willunga Wesleyan Methodist (Uniting) Church Cemetery.

Frederick Reed was a quarryman/labourer who worked in the slate quarries for many years. On 5 May 1906, Frederick received transfer of allotments 146 and 149, fronting onto St Marys Street, Willunga, after the death of his widowed mother, Eliza, on 8 April 1906. He lived in the cottage there from 1906 until 1922 with his wife and four surviving children.

Frederick died, aged 58 years, on 16 July 1922 at Willunga. After his death, the allotments were transferred to his son, William Leonard (“Len”) Reed (1899-1981), labourer of Willunga. In 1926 the land was again transferred, to William's mother and Frederick's widow, Catherine, for the term of her life. By then Catherine had remarried, to Phillip Cornelius. Catherine Cornelius, formerly Reed, died on 4 September 1934.


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