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Reed, Reginald (Constable)

From Willunga
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1887
Place of birth near Kadina
Principal occupation Constable, Wheat agent

Mounted Constable Reginald Reed served at Willunga from 27/4/1918 to 17/7/1918.

Reginald Reed was born on 4 February 1887 near Kadina. His parents were Thomas Reed and Amelia Reed (née Matthews).

It is not known when Reginald Reed joined the South Australian Police but he was certainly employed as a Mounted Constable in 1909 when he appeared at the Stirling West Magistrates Court to give evidence against two men caught drinking beer on a Sunday at the Aldgate Pump Hotel. In 1915, he reported a meeting of Germans at Nuriootpa to the Police Commissioner.

On Tuesday, 18 April 1916, Constable Reed was to be found in Victoria, at the Baptist Church in Footscray, marrying Vera Maud Osborn in what the press described as “a very pretty wedding”(Independent, 29/4/1916, p. 3). The couple travelled to South Australia, where Reginald resumed his duties as a Mounted Constable. He and his family left Nurioopta in April 1918 to serve at Willunga. He and his family stayed only about three months at Willunga, when he was transferred again to Angaston. By this time, Reginald and Vera had two children, Lily (b. 27/1/1917, Nuriootpa) and Douglas (b. 24/10/1918, Angaston).

Reginald was a respected member of the community. He and his family stayed at Angaston for five years, and then he resigned from the Police Force. The people of Angaston held a social event in his honour, which was reported in the Leader newspaper:

Farewell Social to M.C. Reed

One of the most representative and best-attended socials ever held in An-gaston was held in the Angaston Institute on Wednesday evening, when Mounted Constable R. Reed was farewelled, and a cordial welcome extended to Mounted Constable Sherridan, who has succeeded him. Mr. Geo. W. Chinner (Chairman of the Angaston District Council) presided and there were about 150 gentlemen present.

After refreshments had been, partaken of, pipes had been lighted, and cigars and cigarettes were glowing, the Chairman arose amid applause. He said they had met to show their appreciation of M.C. Reed, and at the same time their regret that he was leaving them. It was the most representative gathering they had ever had in Angaston. As a trooper and a citizen their guest had done his work well. He had carried out his duties without fear or favor. All joined most heartily in hoping that his leaving Angaston was for the benefit of his wife and family as well as himself. Leader 6 July 1923, p. 3

At the age of 36, Reginald was still a long way from retirement. He joined his brother, Albert Edward Reed in Tarlee in partnership managing a general store and wheat agency. Another brother, Cecil Stephen, also lived in the Tarlee area. The partnership, however, did not last very long. In 1925, Reginald, Vera and family moved to Nerranderra, NSW, probably because Vera’s parents had moved there. Reginald took over the license of the Murrumbidgee Hotel, Nerranderra. By 1937, they had moved back to South Australia, and lived at Riverton. Reginald was to earn his living acting as a wheat agent until the early 1950s. It is likely that he then retired.


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