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Now and Then is a collaborative work, bringing together the contributions of many people.

You are invited to use the work contributed to Now and Then, but there can be no warranty on the reliability of the content of this website and/or links to other websites that it contains. We encourage our contributors to use best practice in referencing and acknowledgement, but we do not verify or fact check contributions here. You use the information on this website entirely at your own risk. Where you see an error or omission we encourage you to identify it using the discussion tab on the relevant article or by correcting it yourself. Wiki communities are self-managing. We need your contributions to make the information here the best it can be.

We expect contributors here to respect the copyright of others. If you feel that your work has been included on this website against your copyright, you should contact the administrators with proof of this.

The administrators cannot be held responsible for the content of any image or text submitted beyond the right to remove and/or block any content for any reason at their discretion.

The moderators/administrators reserve the right to edit or mark for cleanup any article which does not meet the standards required on the site according to their good judgement.

Wiki Rules of Conduct

REGISTRATION: Contributors and editors must register in order to provide or edit wiki articles. The purpose of this registration is to minimise vandalism and automated spam. Registrants will be required to provide an email address and a short biography (which will not be published) so we can know your interests and areas of knowledge. The privacy of registrants will be protected at all times. Your email address is never revealed on the site and never shared with anyone else.

You can choose to use your real name as your username, but we recommend using a shortened non-identifiable version (such as Mary2529). You can add your real name in the registration form to make it easier to locate you, but the only name that we will disclose on the site is the username you select.

CITATION: Contributors are strongly encouraged to cite their sources, using the referencing and source listing tools provided, including hyperlinking to online sources (eg. Trove).

RESPECT FOR PRIVACY OF BUILDING AND BUSINESS OWNERS: We respect the privacy of current property and business owners. Owners are welcome to include their names on wiki entries, but others should not include current owner names, especially of private homes, without the explicit permission of the owners. If a current owner requests that information about them be removed, then it will be removed.

NON-COMMERCIAL: This is an educational site, intended for sharing information heritage and history of Willunga. Content on this site is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Australia licence. (CC-BY-SA) This means the material on this site cannot be used for any commercial purpose without the express permission of the administrators.

NEUTRAL POINT OF VIEW: Wikis aim for a balanced and neutral approach. Negative judgments about people- past and present-or about places, organisations and events are discouraged and are subject to removal. Comments should be descriptive rather than judgmental. Avoid personal opinion and wherever possible provide evidence for your observations.

IMAGE CREDITS AND PERMISSION: Images for the Now and Then wiki are stored on our Flickr photo sharing site. You can contribute photos via our Flickr group if you have your own Flickr account. If you would like to send photos to us by email use the following address. Please ensure that you have any required copyright permissions and keep the image file size under 2MB.

Non-text media (images, audio, video) are governed by various different terms of use.  Many of the images on the site are available under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license from the Flickr photo sharing website.

Importing text into the wiki

If you wish to import text here that you have found elsewhere or you have co-authored with others, you can only do so if it is available under terms such as CC-BY-SA or CC-BY license.  If you import text under a compatible license which requires attribution, you must, in a reasonable fashion, credit the author(s).


Non text media

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