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Trees St Andrews Terrace

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Fast Facts
Type of thing Government
Date made or found 1915

Place found St Andrews Terrace
Current location St Andrews Terrace

In July 1915, Memorial pines (Pinus Insignus, now known as Pinus Radiata) were planted on the western side of St Andrews Terrace.

Arbor day was successfully celebrated on Friday, and the proceedings attracted a good deal of public interest. The Progress Association had taken the matter in hand and made all the preliminary arrangements. Mr. Herbert Allen conveyed a working bee to the Tiers on Thursday, and they cut and carted down about 60 guard posts for the trees Other workers dug the holes, so that when Mr. Hitchcox, the headmaster, arrived with his procession of school children, headed by their band playing lively airs, everything was in readiness for the planting. The pine row (Pinus Insignis) was extended to the township boundary, and a few of last year's planting which had died were replaced. This row is along St. Andrew's Terrace, and in years to come will present a handsome appearance to visitors entering the town from citywards. Prior to the planting of the first tree the Rev. T. Wood, chairman of the School Committee, gave a brief address bearing on the day's operations. 1

This "patriotic" row along the west side of St. Andrew's terrace, was planted in honor of the brave fellows who have gone from this district to fight for King and country …. Trees were set in honor of Lieutenant J. S. Malpas, Sergeant P. G. Malpas, Privates F. Tregilgas, H. Cornelius, C. Fitzpatrick, W. Whitington, F. Whitington, W. Jacobs, L. Jacobs, S. Jacobs, Stanley Mills, J. Hender and John Fridlington. 2

In October 1952, as part of road improvements, the Council removed the memorial pine trees and some large gum trees, which were growing in the water tables. In place of them, they provided flowering Plum trees which the school children planted on the edge of the footpaths. 3

There are still about 8 flowering plum trees on St Andrews Terrace.

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